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Yoga Six Franchise Opportunity

Yoga Six is a modern yoga studio franchise that is changing the way people think about, and experience yoga. Their attractive, consumer-oriented concept serves the fast-growing market for boutique fitness franchises.

With modern-day yoga instruction, the diverse yoga and fitness programs include movement and intensity to meet the complete needs of any fitness goal and support continuous progression.

Whether your focus is on deep stretching, stress relief, or high intensity workouts that challenge you every step of the way, Yoga Six has a class to fit every fitness level that is energizing, empowering, and fun.

Yoga Six is the evolution and modernization of yoga in the fitness boutique space.

Yoga Six is the evolution & modernization of yoga
Yoga Six is the evolution & modernization of yoga

Yoga Six Franchise Concept

In yoga, every day is different, but there is always room to learn, grow and keep seeing results. The more we learn, the stronger we get, the better we feel physically and mentally. Yoga is a mental practice as much as it is physical.

Yoga Six’s yoga and fitness classes allow members to define their own success, from one day to the next - to customize their practice.

Yoga Six helps members connect to themselves in a way that is energizing, empowering, and fun. With an established and loyal following and more than 400 licensed locations, **Yoga Six is a national, modernized yoga brand that promotes accessibility.

Yoga Six yoga studio franchises have a loyal following
Yoga Six yoga studio franchises have a loyal following

The Experience

  • The class occurs in a beautiful setting that delivers affordable luxury
  • Wide array of class offerings with the best yoga programming platform in the market

Membership-Based Structure

  • No contracts, no long term commitments, no accounts receivable
  • Recurring revenue model
  • Revenue is generated online 24 hours a day / 7 days per week

Yoga Six provides owners with a proven franchise business model
Yoga Six provides owners with a proven franchise business model

Why Buy a Yoga Six Franchise?

  • Sustainability - Yoga is an age-old tradition that is now widely popular in the US
  • Semi-Absentee - As an Executive Model, you can effectively hire someone to manage the studio
  • Proven Business Model - Concept opened in 2012 and had 7 coroprate operating locations today; very similar model to Club Pilates. Today Y6 has 40+ locations open and 400+ in development
  • 100% Ecommerce business - clients pay online
  • Hundreds of A-quality retail locations - a unique brand with no direct franchise competitor
  • Fast Ramp-Up - Low overhead model creates a fast path to profitability
  • Demand - Growing obesity, aging populations; all-age, uni-sex broad market creates high demand for services
  • Recession Resistant

Yoga Six has several competitive advantages
Yoga Six has several competitive advantages

Yoga Six Franchise Competitive Advantages

  • The System Operating Platform Delivers Best-in-Class Instruction
  • New programming for core classes provided monthly by Director of Education
  • Proprietary class offerings
  • Several signature designed class formats in order to fit the needs of all clients
  • Culture - team-oriented, inclusive, welcoming to all levels
  • Modern, Beautifully Designed studios
  • High value proposition, reasonable price point

Join Yoga Six in sharing a new approach to yoga!

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment (Liquid): $100,000
  • Minimum Net Worth: $500,000

Take the next step towards owning a Yoga Six franchise

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