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BodyBar Pilates Fitness Franchise Opportunity

BodyBar Pilates is an upscale, spa-like fitness studio franchise utilizing a modern adaption of the core Pilates principles, designed to provide a full-body workout that is high-intensity, low-impact, and perfect for increasing flexibility, muscle strength, muscle recovery, posture, and boosting overall health.


Don’t miss out on the chance to invest in your future and community by becoming a BodyBar Boss!

You don’t need industry experience to pursue the BodyBar reformer Pilates franchise opportunities… just a passion for fitness and desire for a flexible, empowering career. BodyBar also welcomes existing business owners who want to step up to the BAR and raise it!

BodyBar Pilates Franchise Concept

BodyBar studio franchise ownership is a healthy, balanced and supported career. BodyBar has raised the BAR for rewarding fitness franchise opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds.

Become a BodyBar Pilates franchise boss
Become a BodyBar Pilates franchise boss

BodyBar Pilates Fitness Franchise Benefits

  • Guided site selection and build-out

  • Operations and marketing support

  • Upscale studio with a well-known brand

  • 17% greater revenue capacity than competitors

  • Modern equipment, technology, and branded merchandise

  • Recurring membership revenue streams that last (80%+ retention rate)

BodyBar Pilates fitness franchise has benefits
BodyBar Pilates fitness franchise has benefits

BodyBar Pilates Franchise Competitive Advantages

  • Attractive Net Profit Margin - 30%

  • Low to Moderate Investment

  • Low Cap Expenses

  • Quick Profitability - With BodyBar’s effective presale strategy, studios can be at cash-flow the day they start holding classes.

  • Higher Revenue Potential - The only Pilates franchise with 14 Reformers, as opposed to the 12 the competitors offer. This allows for an increase in revenue capacity by 17%. In addition to this, BodyBar is an upscale studio with high-intensity and high-energy classes.

  • Recurring Revenue Model - BODYBAR members buy recurring monthly memberships and over 60% - 70% of gross revenue comes from recurring monthly memberships.

  • Simple Operation - Lean staff, no real inventory (besides clothing items), payroll is variable as membership grows (control payroll costs through schedule/session roll-out).

  • Hot Industry - Fitness is hot and boutique fitness is the fastest growing segment in the industry.

  • High Demand - The demand is already here, and the only national competitor has sold out of most of their territories leaving space for BODYBAR to move in and take over.

  • High-End/Spa-Like Environment - Upscale, high-energy studios that clients love!

BodyBar Pilates fitness franchise opportunity
BodyBar Pilates fitness franchise opportunity

In this nationwide craze of boutique fitness, Pilates is an established leading format. It has already been proven. However, the initial brand is nearly sold out across the country. BodyBar observed, learned, and proved their model. BodyBar is ready to grow nationwide with a better experience for the member and a more attractive investment for the franchise owner.

The BodyBar franchise model brings some key differentiators such as a high-end studio that looks and feels like a spa upon entry, increased revenue potential with more reformers, a unique spin on the workout, and a business model that is quick to profit with strong retention.

BodyBar uses the best Reformer equipment and has 14 Reformers per studio as opposed to the ONLY national competitor using 12. This allows for an increase in revenue capacity by 17%. Think about that, you are getting a proven business model with significantly greater revenue potential.

BodyBar Pilates Fitness Franchise Opportunity
BodyBar Pilates Fitness Franchise Opportunity

Founded in 2011, BodyBar has created a business model that an entrepreneur can follow and be wildly successful while enjoying the perks of owning a fitness studio: fun, fit, and community!

BodyBar takes proven principles of Pilates and intensifies them with isometric holds, pulses, and incorporating the whole body. With multiple revenue streams including; memberships, class packages, retail, late cancel fees, private instruction, and teacher training fees, BodyBar provides an opportunity to meet and surpass your financial goals.

BodyBar is where quality instruction + a spa-like environment + amazing customer experience meets to produce a strong financial performance for franchise partners.

BodyBar Pilates fitness franchise owner support
BodyBar Pilates fitness franchise owner support

BodyBar Pilates Franchise Owner Support


When it comes to business support, BodyBar fitness franchise owners get the best of the best. BodyBar’s home-office team developed multiple global fitness brands before, finding their ultimate passion at BodyBar, so they know exactly what kind of support is the most helpful during launch and each stage of growth.

Franchise Ownership Support Includes:

  • Guided location build-out: real estate, construction, staffing and more
  • Simple franchise conversion (if you already own a fitness business)
  • Ongoing owner training and education, in person and digital
  • Day-to-day operations support from your area manager (aka franchise coach)
  • Comprehensive marketing support
  • Robust CRM and financial benchmarking technology
  • A fun and fulfilling community

Own a BodyBar Pilates Fitness Franchise
Own a BodyBar Pilates Fitness Franchise

Why Start a BodyBar Pilates Franchise?

  • Rewarding and flexible workdays
  • Ongoing training and education
  • A community of kind, motivating experts
  • Financial freedom
  • Owner-operator and semi-absentee ownership options

Ideal Candidate for a BodyBar Pilates Franchise

BodyBar Pilates is looking for natural leaders with management skills and an appreciation for fitness. It’s even better if you’re a fan of non-traditional reformer Pilates, or if you want to convert an existing fitness business.

BodyBar Pilates Fitness Franchise Ownership Models
BodyBar Pilates Fitness Franchise Ownership Models

BodyBar Pilates Franchise Ownership Models Available:

  1. Semi-Absentee
  • Passive Income Franchise Ownership. Operational responsibility falls somewhere in between Executive (hands-off) and Owner/Operator (hands-on). Many semi-absentee franchise owners begin by keeping their day jobs/careers and relying on a manager to get their first store off the ground. If the franchisee succeeds with their first unit and decides to open additional ones, running the multi-unit franchise may prove lucrative enough for the semi-absentee owner to leave their day job/career and focus solely on the growing business venture.

    • Function of the Semi-Absentee Owner and Daily Tasks
      • Managing Marketing Plans
      • Hold the team accountable - Watch KPI’s
      • Build community relationships and cross-promotions
      • Financial/Cash management
  1. Owner/Operator (“hands-on”)
  • You are front-and-center in the function of the business. You’ll typically work onsite most or all days that the business is open. You directly supervise the staff that is needed to run the shop, and have little time to do much else besides run the franchise, to an extent that other employment is practically impossible.

    • Function of the Owner/Operator and Daily Tasks
      • Lead, train, motivate, and manage staff
      • Manage sales, cash flow, membership and retention expectations
      • Generate reports to ensure KPI’s are being met
      • Manage all operational aspects of the business including but not limited to: marketing spends, ordering supplies, equipment maintenance, payroll, scheduling, cleanliness
      • Ensure BODYBAR is integrated in your local community
      • Maintain a friendly, fun, challenging and clean studio
      • Plan and promote entertaining and productive events through community outreach and business partnerships

BodyBar Pilates Fitness Franchise Costs
BodyBar Pilates Fitness Franchise Costs

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment (Liquid): $150,000
  • Minimum Net Worth: $500,000

Take the next step towards owning a BodyBar Pilates franchise

To learn more about BodyBar Pilates franchise opportunities in your area or to begin securing your territory today, please request more information below.

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