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Workout Anytime Franchise Opportunity

Workout Anytime is a gym fitness franchise providing an easy-to-operate franchise system and profitable business model.

Workout Anytime is passionate about health & fitness and helping others on their wellness path. Many of their franchisees have never been in the gym business. Their model is very teachable, and they have a playbook that works and they look for franchise partners who welcome proven new processes and procedures and who will embrace their model.

If you’re looking to invest in the health and wellness industry, Workout Anytime has a great franchise opportunity for you. Opening a fitness franchise with Workout Anytime is an excellent way to get involved in the booming fitness industry while also helping your community get healthier and build a business for yourself.

Workout Anytime’s simple franchise business model, combined with convenience for its customers, has helped it become a fitness fixture in the Southern United States. Now, they’re actively expanding across the country and looking to open gym franchises from coast to coast!

Workout Anytime provides an easy to operate franchise system and profitable business model.

Why buy a Workout Anytime Franchise?

Out of all the gym franchise opportunities out there, you have the unique opportunity of becoming a Workout Anytime Franchise Partner. As you’ll see, becoming a franchise-partner with Workout Anytime is a distinguished experience that comes with a host of benefits and perks. Whether you choose to open a single fitness franchise, or multiple locations, there are a host of advantages to buying a Workout Anytime franchise.

Workout Anytime provides an easy-to-operate franchise system & profitable business model
Workout Anytime provides an easy-to-operate franchise system & profitable business model

Workout Anytime Franchise Advantages

Purpose-Driven Business Ownership

Our business model is especially well-suited to purpose-driven business owners. Those franchise-partners who are driven to grow their business while making a difference in their community will enjoy the fulfillment of helping others when they become Workout Anytime franchise owners.

Strong, Growing Industry

The fitness industry is booming, and there’s never been a better way to get involved than by joining their team. Americans want to get into shape, and their convenient locations and 24-hour availability, along with value prices make fitness franchise opportunities at Workout Anytime an appealing option for this population.

Potential for Financial and Lifestyle Independence

Are you looking for ways to increase your financial and lifestyle independence that will allow you to leave the drudgery of corporate life? At Workout Anytime, they want their franchise-partners to enjoy greater freedom in their financial and personal lives, and they believe their gyms are simple to run once their doors are opened. That’s why they make the process of turning a fitness franchise opportunity into your own gym as smooth as possible.

Open your own gym by investing in a Workout Anytime franchise.

A Modest Investment

Compared to other gym franchise opportunities, Workout Anytime’s total initial investment is relatively low. They do everything they can to help to keep initial costs low for their franchise-partners so they can open strong and stay strong.

Semi-Absentee Ownership

While running a Workout Anytime gym franchise isn’t totally hands-off, many of their franchise-partners don’t see any need to be in their gyms every day. By hiring a trusted staff to manage your daily operations, you can enjoy more time away from work.

Workout Anytime fitness franchise ownership has many benefits & advantages
Workout Anytime fitness franchise ownership has many benefits & advantages

Workout Anytime Franchise Additional Benefits

Veterans’ Opportunities

At Workout Anytime, they are proud members of VetFran, an organization that seeks to help veterans become entrepreneurs through franchising. In recognition of the service their veterans have provided to their country, they are proud to offer a discount on their franchise fee to qualifying veterans.

Multi-Unit and Development Opportunities

Why just open one gym franchise when you could double or triple the opportunity? Opening multiple units gives you the opportunity to increase your profits and create your own fitness empire. They want their franchise-partners to help them expand their brand, so they’re excited to offer discounts to franchise-partners who open multiple units.

At Workout Anytime, they’re excited about expanding into new areas and markets. Franchise-partners who are willing to help them develop these areas will share in the success of these opportunities.

Workout Anytime is expanding coast to coast
Workout Anytime is expanding coast to coast

They Stand Apart from the Competition

Step into one of their gyms and see for yourself how they’re able to get the most out of a relatively small space. Our ability to create gyms in these smaller spaces helps save money for their franchise owners and choose from prime locations to attract customers.

“The Best Workout Per Square Foot in the Industry”

Value-Priced Memberships

Many gym franchise opportunities are out there, but not all of them understand the importance of value-priced memberships. They offer their members a range of plans to choose from that allow them access to a wide range of workout equipment and amenities. Many gym-goers don’t need or want access to the perks that come with higher-priced memberships, and offering them a value-priced alternative is an important way they attract members.

Group Training with MX-4

MX-4 group training classes have been a popular addition to their gyms. Franchise-partners can elect to offer these small group-training classes that seek to help members burn fat, augment power, build strength, and more. MX-4 is one important way that their gym stands out from other gym franchise opportunities.

One-on-One Personal Training

Going to the gym can be intimidating for newcomers, and even experienced gym-goers might be shocked to find that they’re not getting the most out of their workout. That’s why Workout Anytime offers one-on-one personal training to their members to help them get the most out of their visits to your gym, and to help them see the results that will keep them coming back.

Workout Anytime offers one-on-one personal training for an additional revenue stream for its owners

Workout Anytime stands out from other gym franchise opportunities because of the benefits to their franchise-partners, the discounts they offer, and the products and services offered by their gyms.

Workout Anytime stands out from other gym franchise opportunities
Workout Anytime stands out from other gym franchise opportunities

Workout Anytime Franchise Highlights

  • No fitness experience is required
  • Semi-absentee ownership
  • Workout Anytime will help select and negotiate real-estate lease (5,000 - 10,000 sq. ft.)
  • Simple franchise business model with 3-4 employees
  • Comprehensive training and unwavering support
  • Profitable round the clock - open 24 hours
  • Recurring Revenue and several additional revenue stream (ex. personal training)

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment (Liquid): $175,000
  • Minimum Net Worth: $500,000

Take the next step towards owning a Workout Anytime franchise

To learn more about Workout Anytime franchise opportunities in your area or to begin securing your territory today, please request more information below.

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