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CITYROW Franchise Opportunity

CITYROW offers instructor-led group fitness workouts which pair high-intensity intervals of rowing with strength and mobility training for the most effective, dynamic workout on the market.

The row machine is THE MOST EFFECTIVE stationary cardio machine on the market.

But Rowing needed an overhaul to make it sexy, accessible and fun for general fitness consumers. Thus, CITYROW was born.

CITYROW is an industry leader in rowing fitness franchises
CITYROW is an industry leader in rowing fitness franchises

Rowing is the future, poised to achieve the same level of consumer adoption as cycling and running.

Long favored by athletes, trainers and physical therapists, the row machine is the most effective cardio machine on the market,

rowing works 84% of the body’s muscles in every stroke with minimal impact to the joints.

It’s incredibly effective, challenging AND safe for the vast majority of the population and has longevity with its practitioners. Much like cycling and running before it, consumers just need to be educated and sold on its superior benefits.

CITYROW isn’t just another workout, it’s an experience that delivers results.

CITYROW uses the WaterRower, which is the most visually appealing machine on the market. The WaterRower also provides a more fluid/organic rowing experience and is better overall for people who are non-rowers as they are significantly less jarring on the body.

CITYROW rowing franchises use the WaterRower
CITYROW rowing franchises use the WaterRower

Why Buy a CITYROW Franchise?

  • Today’s consumer is seeking tailored services that cater to their individual needs, not to the masses. Boutique fitness is replacing crowded, intimidating gyms. It’s changing the way people get fit with effective, hard-hitting workouts that are also a whole lot of fun.

  • The CITYROW concept was tested and perfected in New York’s fiercely competitive market. Every aspect, from studio design to instructor training to member retention, has been refined so that you can hit the ground running.

  • The CITYROW business model is poised to win markets from coast to coast. Be first in your region with this killer concept and become the breakout brand.

The CITYROW rowing franchise concept is a proven concept
The CITYROW rowing franchise concept is a proven concept

Ideal Candidates to Buy a CITYROW Franchise

CITYROW is looking for franchisees who want to take control of their financial and professional future. Their best franchisees aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get connected to their community. This is a people business first and foremost, so our focus is on the guest experience!

CITYROW’s goal is to make the process of opening a CITYROW Studio as easy for you as possible. You can count on CITYROW, they want to see you succeed.

CITYROW franchise owners receive comprehensive support
CITYROW franchise owners receive comprehensive support

CITYROW Franchise Highlights

  • Semi-absentee model
  • Ability to keep full-time job
  • Manager runs studios
  • Open multiple units
  • Ground floor of the industry
  • Limited, flexible time commitment
  • Few employees
  • Ongoing Support
    • Business planning
    • Digital and Community Marketing
    • Real Estate and Construction
    • Hiring, Recruitment, and Training
    • Technology and Operations
    • Lead Generation, Tracking, and Sales
    • PR and Guest Experience
  • Recurring revenue model
  • Power of memberships
  • Low investment
  • Great ROI for a fitness franchise opportunity!

CITYROW offers a unique and exciting fitness franchise opportunity
CITYROW offers a unique and exciting fitness franchise opportunity

Financial Requirements

  • Cash Investment (Liquid): $100,000
  • Minimum Net Worth: $500,000

Take the next step towards owning a CITYROW franchise

To learn more about CITYROW franchise opportunities in your area or to begin securing your territory today, please request more information below.

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